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download001_Gospel of John Introduction

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download002_Gospel of John Logos and Light

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download003_Gospel of John ch1 v1 to 5

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download004_ Gospel of John JOHN THE WITNESS PT1

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download005_ Gospel of John JOHN THE WITNESS PT2

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download006_Gospel of John ch1 v6 to 14

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download007_Gospel of John ch1 v14 to 34

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download008_Gospel of John ch1 v29 to 52

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download009_Gospel of John ch1 DISCUSSION

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download010_Gospel of John ch2 THE 6 STONE WATER JARS

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download012_Gospel of John ch2 DESTROY THIS TEMPLE....

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download013_Gospel of John ch2 YOU ARE TEMPLE AND DISCUSSIONS.

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download014_Gospel of John ch3 v1_v13 'NICODEMUS'

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download015_Gospel of John ch3 v5_v15 'The serpant on the pole'

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download016_Gospel of John ch3 v16_18

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download017_Gospel of John ch3 v16_21 PART2

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download018_Gospel of John ch3 v22_36 He must increase_but I must decrease

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download019_Gospel of John ch2 and ch3 Discussion

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download020_Gospel of John ch4 SAMARITANS ORIGIN

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download021_Gospel of John ch4 V1_15 SAMARITANS WOMEN PT1

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download022_Gospel of John ch4 V15_38 SAMARITANS WOMEN PT2

94.7 MB68:56 min
download023_Gospel of John ch4 V39_54 NOBLEMAN'S FAITH!!!

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download024_Gospel of John ch5 V1_16 Third sign

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download025_Gospel of John ch4 V17_29 Jesus is God.

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download026_Gospel of John ch5 V30_47 Jesus's witness_ The Father!

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download027_Gospel of John ch4_ch5 DISCUSSION part one

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download028_Gospel of John ch4_ch5 DISCUSSION part two

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download029_Gospel of John ch6 V1_14 Philp Philp Philp!!!

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download030_Gospel of John ch6 V15_32 The Bread of God from heaven.

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download031_Gospel of John ch6 v30_59

96.2 MB70:02 min
download032_Gospel of John ch6 v60_71 The word is spirit and life,

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download033_Gospel of John ch7 v1_8 what is yor timeline

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download034_Gospel of John ch7 v10_39

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download035_Gospel of John ch7 v40_53 and discussion

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download036_Gospel of John ch8 v1_12 I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD

71.1 MB51:48 min
download037_Gospel of John ch8 v12_32 '..you will die in your sins; for if you don't believe that I AM...'

81.3 MB59:14 min
download038_Gospel of John ch8 v33_50 Abraham seeds and Abraham childrens

88.4 MB64:21 min
download039_Gospel of John ch8 v50_59 Before Abraham was I AM

87.5 MB63:43 min
download040_Gospel of John ch9 v1_7 we all were born blind

78.3 MB57:01 min
download041_Gospel of John ch9 Man_Prophet_God

79.9 MB58:11 min
download042_Gospel of John ch8 and ch9 discussion A

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download043_Gospel of John ch8 and ch9 discussion B

70.3 MB51:11 min
download044_Gospel of John ch10 v1_20 'I AM the door' 'I AM the good shepherds'

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download045_Gospel of John ch10 v22_36 'My sheep hear My voice'

85.6 MB62:20 min
download046_Gospel of John ch10 v37_42 and Discussion

100.8 MB73:25 min
download047_Gospel of John ch11 v1_24 'The end of this.... The glory of God'

95.8 MB69:43 min
download048_Gospel of John ch11 v25_44 'I AM the resurrection'

86.2 MB62:45 min
download049_Gospel of John ch11 v45_57 'Prophet Caiaphas'

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download050_Gospel of John ch10 and ch11

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download051_Gospel of John ch12v1_11 'life purpose of Mary_Martha _Lazarus and yours'

96.4 MB70:10 min
download052_Gospel of John ch12 v12_22 ' This is the day the LORD has made_ Hosanna'

89.9 MB65:30 min
download053_Gospel of John ch12 v23_36 'The Son of Man must be lifted up'

93.2 MB67:50 min
download054_Gospel of John ch12Discussion

53.4 MB38:52 min
download055_Gospel of John ch13 Introduction

100.4 MB73:07 min
download056_Gospel of John ch13 v1_

78.7 MB57:20 min
download057_Gospel of John ch13

98.7 MB71:52 min
download058_Gospel of John ch13 discussion

89.9 MB65:26 min
download059_Gospel of John ch14 v1_

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download060_Gospel of John ch14 v12_

87.7 MB63:50 min
download061_Gospel of John ch14 v18_

98 MB71:20 min
download062_Gospel of John ch13 and ch14 discussion

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download063_Gospel of John ch15 v1_3

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download064_Gospel of John ch15 v3_15

89.4 MB65:06 min
download065_Gospel of John ch15 v1_12 revised

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download066_Gospel of John ch15 v13_26

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download067_Gospel of John ch16 v1_11

88.4 MB64:21 min
download068_Gospel of John ch16_ v11_33

96.2 MB70:01 min
download069_Gospel of John ch16 Discussion

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download070_Gospel of John ch17 Introduction 1

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download071_Gospel of John ch17 Introduction 2

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download072_Gospel of John ch17 Introduction 3

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download073_Gospel of John ch17 V1_11

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download074_Gospel of John ch17 v12_23

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download075_Gospel of John ch17 v23_26 and Discussion 1

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download076_Gospel of John ch17 Discussion 2

105.3 MB76:42 min
download076_Gospel of John ch17 Discussion 3

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download077_Gospel of John ch18 ch18 v1_9

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download078_Gospel of John ch18 ch18 v9_17

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download080_Gospel of John ch19 v1_25

108.7 MB79:10 min
download081_Gospel of John ch19 v25_34

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download082_Gospel of John ch19 v31_37

89.7 MB65:19 min
download083_Gospel of John ch18_19 Discussion

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download084_Gospel of John ch19 v38_42

87.8 MB63:55 min
download085_Gospel of John ch20v1_15

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download086_Gospel of John ch20 v15_23

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download087_Gospel of John ch20 v23_ ch21 v4

93.9 MB68:21 min
download088_Gospel of John ch21

86.4 MB62:54 min
download089_Gospel of John ch20_21 Discussion

100.2 MB72:58 min