Our aim is to provide a professional counselling service operating in the power of the Holy Spirit bringing release and healing to those in need.

The ultimate goal is to bring healing to individuals and/or couples and enable them to achieve spiritual and emotional wholeness in their lives and relationships. It is desire of this ministry to help individuals overcome barriers and hindrances in their lives and enable them to live the abundant life that Christ promised to all who believe in Him.

The counselling method employed combines psychological insight with biblical principles to achieve a wholesome personality. By providing a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment for this process to occur, this ministry helps people to change behaviours, attitudes, values, and perception and find healing.

The counselling ministry is provided by professionally trained and nationally accredited counselors and is open to people of all nationalities, race and religious background. There is currently (2009) a project being run by the counselling ministry of the Church and supported by public funding that aims at providing effective professional, culturally and linguistically appropriate counselling and supportive services to the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities here in the UK. These supportive services include the likes of information provision, guidance and advocacy as well as hosting seminars and workshops of relevance to these communities.