15+ Youth/ወጣቶች



To see young lives kindled with passion, living life to the full as a disciple of Christ, going after God's purpose and looking to trust and depend on God.


ECFC UK 15+ youth ministry is focused on:
- Growing a relationship with God.
- Building friendships.
- Learning to serve others. 
- Living our faith in our daily lives.


Our aim is to provide a place where young people are equipped and empowered to live their life as a disciple of Christ, based on the word of God.
The church would do this by providing  programs, activities, and events that will allow them to build a strong foundation of faith that will enable them to express and share their faith. This includes, but not limited to;
- Sunday youth worship service.
- youth seminars and workshops during school holidays.
- developing youth leaders from within the youth congregation.
- taking part in annual Christian camp (Newday).
- encouraging the youth to take active serving roles within local church and wider community.